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A few years back I bought a set of Waterman writing instruments that included a fountain pen, a rollerball pen, and a mechanical pencil.The whole set cost over $300.

The pencil broke after three years. The roller ball pen broke recently. The products claim lifetime warranties. I sent the rollerball pen back because the bottom of the pen would push out and the writing point would retract inside the pen body make it unusable.

I sent the rollerball back to be fixed and they came back with some excuse that I had to be dropped. The pen has NEVER BEEN dropped. If you buy products from Waterman expecting them to fix it under warranty - forget it. They will invariable come up with some excuse or another.

Their products are NOT WORTH the extra cost.

Save your money and buy something less glamorous but more relaible.I for one will never buy a Waterman in the future.


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